About Us

As the leading travel expert from Japan, H.I.S. Hong Kong develop a one stop Japanese pre-wedding and wedding service. We offer the most "Japanese"...namely, top Japanese photographers, professional Japanese make up artists, Japanese quality services, a wide range of Japanese's wedding gowns, tuxedo and kimono and translator accompany you from fitting until shooting.

With over 30 years experience and partnership of local professional team in Japan, we promise that we will offer the most "Japanese" and the most "prefect" services. let's get the best shoot from Japan!

Wedding Flow

  • 6 months - 1 year before wedding day

    Start to pick up the wedding location, costume, church, wedding date and form a schedule. wedding consultant will reserve the wedding church and air seats instantly. Once reservation confirmed, 50% deposit of whole wedding plan are required within 7 days.
    Meanwhile, please consider if your relatives also want to join your big day. our wedding consultant can offer itinerary suggestion, travel advise and travel package quotation. charter tour is also available if lots of relative will attend your wedding.

  • 3 months before wedding day

    if you would like to apply for the legal wedding, you are required to provide all documents at least 75 days or earlier before wedding day. (wedding consult will offer the guideline accordingly, and will send those documents to Japan for checking)
    *kindly prepare single approval within 3 months before wedding day.for costume rental, please revere fitting priory.

  • 2 months before wedding day

    With your request, we can tailor-made travel and wedding plan accordingly. (Optional services)
    Travel: e.g. car rental, travel insurance, local tour...
    Wedding: e.g. DVD records, dinner after wedding finish, flower rain...

  • 2 months before wedding day

    Pay for the balance of whole wedding plan

  • 1 month before wedding day

    discussion with wedding consultant concerning Japan's wedding meeting, schedule, transfer etc arrangement.

  • 1 - 3 weeks before wedding day

    wedding consultant will email the final schedule for you. everything is ready, and get prepare for departure. for costume, last fitting should be finished.

  • 1.5 - 2 months after wedding day

    pick up wedding photos and DVD and please sign back for us.

  • 2-3 months after wedding day

    Follow up the photo album (if needed)

FAQFrequently asked questions from enquiry to wedding / pre wedding dates
How can I apply for a tour?

Please contact us by using the contact form from this website.

When should we pay?

50% deposit within 7 days after reservation is confirmed. 50% balance within 45 days before the shooting/wedding day.

Which language can we use?

Either English or Chinese.

Can we inquire over the phone?

Yes, for sure.

How long does it take for you to reply?

Usually 1 to 2 business days.

How can we pay?

Bank transfer to Bank of China / East Asia Bank // credit card (VISA / MASTER) // Pay by cash in our shop

When can I choose the dress?

You can go online for checking costume and tell us your size. So that we can reserve 3 choices for you to try upon arrival.

We don't know Japanese, what can we do ?

Our staff can speaking English / Chinese and will follow up your case from the start till your shooting/ wedding day.

Can we change the location or plan after application?


Can we change the shooting / wedding day if whether conditions are not favorable?

Normally, if raining during shooting / wedding day, photographer will change the location spot to indoors. If unexpected weather eg. typhoon happened, shooting / wedding cannot process. you can try to pick another day within your travel period or delay without surcharge. For outdoor shooting plan, we recommend you have another day reserved in case of bad weather. We will ask you a day before shooting day whether you will carry on shooting or put off shooting to the other day. It depends on location plan, please ask for more information.

How much is the cancellation fee?

31 days or above before the day of shooting / wedding : 50% of total fee

within 30 days before the day of shooting / wedding : 100% of total fee

Where can we get prepared?

At our studio.

How many photographers will come with us?

One photographer + one assistant

Will a stylist come with us?


Can we bring our own camera or video camera?


When can we receive our photo data?

The final edited data is available in 1 month and an album takes approximately 2 months.