Public Transportation

Enjoy the freedom of traveling around Japan on public transportation. Lead the way on your trip and choose where to stop, when, and for how long. The ideal choice for seasoned travelers, our numerous rail or bus passes allow you to travel as much as you like within a certain zone and time frame. We offer many different kinds of transportation methods to take you around the country. With the popular JR West Kansai WIDE Pass, for example, you can enjoy unlimited rides on the Sanyo Shinkansen, Limited Express and local trains in the area with non-reserved seats, and even West JR Bus as well. From the 5-day JR West Kansai WIDE Area Pass to the Hokkaido Rail Pass, Seibu Railway and SHORYUDO Bus Pass on offer at competitive prices, you can be sure to stay connected with H.I.S. HK. You can even purchase a JR Setouchi Area Pass to ‘Discover West Japan in 5 Days’! Visit a wide range of locations all over the country with the all-inclusive JR Japan Rail Pass, including Mt. Fuji, Osaka, Kyushu, Sanyo, and anywhere else that takes your fancy. If your budget is smaller and you want to explore only one area of Japan, we have many options for this. For example, the JR West Hokuriku Area Pass covers a small and picturesque area of West Japan. With JR East and West, you can see all the sights of Tokyo, Tohoku, Keisei, Kansai, and beyond. Travel far and wide with an affordable public transportation pass from H.I.S. HK. Our agents strive to secure exclusive promotions to get you a better deal on bus passes, rail passes, and more to stunning locations all over Japan. Our vast global network allows us to acquire the latest travel information so we can develop the best products for our customers. For more information or to book, please get in touch via or 39616996.